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Esto Perpetua, Idaho's state motto, is Latin for "Be Eternal" — our common call to commit our lives to what lasts, what truly matters. What we help you build today can become your perpetual legacy to reach future generations.

Serving Charities,

Churches, and

other Nonprofits

If you are an Idaho Charity, Church, or other nonprofit organization, Idaho Nonprofit Law is here to advance your mission. We offer a wide range of legal services with the necessary tools and expertise to help start or assist your nonprofit. We are an Idaho-based nonprofit speciality firm offering a full range of services from formation to advanced international structuring.  Contact us to learn more.

Accepting New Clients

We are indeed accepting new clients, but due to capacity issues we are only accepting new clients that go through our Corporate Formation Package or our Nonprofit Compliance Assessment. This allows us to thoroughly know our clients and serve them with the most efficiency. 

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Legal advice before you launch

We are happy to learn about your charitable aspirations and help you design a roadmap that will get you on the most expeditious and productive path. Our greatest privilege is to put our deep experience to work for aspiring charities.

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Firmly grounded for long-term growth

We offer a comprehensive formation package that includes state and federal registration, a custom policy bank, and a custom template bank. We also help your nonprofit get started right with training and education on fiduciary roles, meeting formalities, ongoing obligations, and nonprofit management and operation best practices.


If you are interested in starting a nonprofit corporation on the best footing, and creating procedures and practices that contribute to both your operational efficiency and your corporate sustainability, this package is must!

Corporate Formation Packages with Idaho Nonprofit Law are tailored to the experience and needs of the founders as well as the unique operational requirements of the charity. 

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Expert guidance for your journey

We have been around the block, representing nonprofit clients in everything from startup to complex 9-figure deals.

We are experts in tax-exempt issues generally, BAM, child and vulnerable population protection, religious liberty, nonprofit/for-profit collaboration, and more. It is our privilege to put our deep experience representing multinational charities to work for you.

Whether you have a discrete issue to solve, or you are looking for outside general counsel services for ongoing advising, Idaho Nonprofit Law exists to serve you. 

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Avoid the red flags

A nonprofit assessment from Idaho Nonprofit Law provides you the information you need about your operation to ensure you can continue to operate your valuable mission. We have seen too many valuable charities sidelined by problems that could have been avoided with regular assessment. Our eyes are trained on issue spotting, and our assessment is designed to provide you a heatmap to discover where compliance resources are best allocated to ensure sustainability. 

As a best practice, boards should consider a regular independent financial audit as well as a regular compliance audit by Nicholas Morgan Law or another experienced firm.


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